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Spring 2010 – Poetry

May 24th-Black Mountain and Beats
Background on Black Mountain School (Recommended)
Robert Creeley, “A Wicker Basket”
—“I Know a Man”
—“Still Life Or”
—“Goodbye” (You will have to scroll down the page”
—“After Lorca” (Optional: Video of Creeley reading poem)
Charles Olson, from “Projective Verse” (Excerpt Olson’s manifesto)
“Making it Sweet: On Manifestoes By Olson, O’Hara, and Bernstein” (Optional: essay)
Stan Brakhage, “Mothlight” (Film)

Allen Ginsburg, “America”
—-“Howl” (Optional)
William S. Burroughs and Bryon Gysin, “Open Letter to Life Magazine
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, “Baseball Cantos
Bob Kaufman, “Abomunist Manifesto
Robinson Jeffers, “Carmel Point” (PDF)
—“Let Them Alone” (PDF)
Gary Snyder, “Rip Rap”

May 26th – Confessional and New York School
Sylvia Plath, “Daddy
Adrienne Rich, “Diving into the Wreck
Anne Sexton, “Sylvia’s Death”
Robert Lowell, “Man and Wife

John Ashberry, “My Philosophy of Life
—“Some Trees”
Frank O’Hara, “Meditations in an Emergency
—“Poem [Lana Turner Has Collapsed]”
—“Why I Am Not a Painter”
—“Personism” (Optional: O’Hara’s Manifesto)

June 2nd – The New “Black Poetry” and Ethnic Poetry

Amiri Baraka, “Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note
Lucille Clifton, “Love Rejected” (The poem is embedded in an essay.  You don’t have to read the essay, but you can)
—“Move” (PDF)
—“Samson” (PDF)
Dear Jesse” (PDF)
Philadelphia Inquirer Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Coverage of Move
Audre Lorde, “Litany” (PDF)
—“Poetry is Not a Luxury” (Essay – PDF)

Louise Erdrich, “Captivity”
Gloria Anzaldua, “borderlands” (PDF)


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