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Questions for Pages 137-171 (Thursday: The Eternal Buzz)

In “You Give Us 22 Minutes” Buzzworm questions his “twenty-four hour attachment to the waves.”  How do characters feel connected to the world?  How do they feel its movements?  How do they affect them?  Can they?  Is it the same for all characters? 

What kind of characters get named?  What kind get counted?

In “Dusk – To the Border” Rafaela contemplates her decision to return to Mexico.  Where is “home” for her?

In “Time and a Half – Limousine Way” Buzzworm and Emi argue about the relationship between news and entertainment.  What is “news”?  Why do we covet it?

In “Life Insurance – L.A./T.J.” Yamashita describes Bobby’s work.  What about his work makes him American?

In “Live on Air – El A” Yamashita compares the Richter scale with the Nielsen ratings.  What do the two have in common?  Why do you think she collapses them?


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